About Shaun Glenn / My Story

Maybe you’ve been through this, too: a few years ago, I found myself feeling lost. Depressed. Struggling. To pay my bills. To go to work. To do most everything. I wasn’t sure what to do … but I knew one thing without a doubt: something had to change.

So, I took a mental health break and headed up from my home of New York to Vermont to clear my head.

That trip was meant to be.

While I was there, taking time for me, I was introduced to Amici and Associates, (WHAT ARE THEY — only a few words to describe) and was blown away by the work they were doing helping clients suffering from severe mental illness.

In that moment, I saw clarity: I knew I had to be a part of what they were doing.

Two weeks later, I was back in Vermont. Yup, I quit my job and took a chance, following what my heart and mind told me was right. I began working with many incredible individuals suffering from varying levels of mental illness. I was soaking up all the knowledge I could from my colleagues and superiors. I was learning about the psychology behind our basic human needs, attachment and mindfulness-based therapies.

Then, I met Walker, my very first client. I designed his treatment program, managed and trained his staff, and worked with him on a one-on-one basis. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I was tapping into the skills I learned and taught to others to help myself, too, taking my wellness to new heights. Life was blissful and I was living my dream.

Until the unthinkable happened.

Walker passed away suddenly. Shock and devastation swept our entire team. We had lost our friend and I felt that my world was turned upside down. But, in the midst of the sadness and the confusion, my perspective began to shift and rather than downward spiral …

I rose up.

I began to see Walkers death as a gift rather than a curse. I realized he was now free from his illness, and he had also given me freedom.

Now, that freedom is yours to tap in to.

Join me and celebrate Walker’s life, the lessons he taught me and learn how I healed … and how you can, too.

For me Shaun is not just a life coach. He is a teacher, leader and a mentor. Through his program, I have gained strength not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. If you have been stuck in doubt and are looking for change, his plan as a coach will change your life!

Robynn - Canton, Georgia

I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Shaun came into my life just at the right time. His help and knowledge has been instrumental in my recovery and I am hugely grateful for his help. He is a compassionate and very caring person. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Maxine - Nevada

This coaching was exactly what I needed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was struggling with acceptance and believing in myself. Shaun has helped me to feel more confident, trusting myself and my own true strength. What I have learned has been invaluable and has improved my life as a whole.

Oliver - Clark Summit, Pennsylvania