What’s inside?

7 Custom Mantra Cards, 3 Organic Chamomile Tea Bags, 2 Agate – Banded Botswana Healing Stones (For Body, Mind, & Spirit), 1 Bottle of Pure Lavender Oil, and 6 DAISO Incense Sticks (3 Cherry Blossom and 3 Sandalwood)

Breathe Box – $19.99

No matter who we are or where we are on our own journey, we all need tools to help us cope with the stresses of every day life. The Breathe Box has got you covered! Start your day right with a meditation, and let the centering scent of DAISO incense surround you. On your morning commute, apply a touch of your lavender oil to your wrist and let its soothing aroma keep you relaxed. Pull out one of your Stress Mantra Cards during your busy day to get you out of your head and keep you grounded. Whether at work or running errands, keep your Agate Healing Stones handy in your pocket or jacket to energize your body and mind. After arriving home, pour yourself a nice calming cup of Organic Chamomile Tea to release the tension of the day. Finally, end your day with gratefulness and a smile using your Powerful Closing Mantra Card.